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three days of intense competition marked the 2nd Tour of Longines Hathab Season 6, 2022-2023 at QEF Indoor Arena.

Publication Date:
18/09/22 07:29 AM


Two days of intense competition marked the 2nd Tour of Longines Hathab Season 6, 2022-2023 at QEF Indoor Arena.

Dressage was the focus of this tour, with riders competing to secure the top spot.

Day one kicked off with the Junior Small Tour category of 100/110 cm.

The tour saw Haya Khalid AL HITMI winning in first place on DUSTY scoring a time of 52.09. Jassim Al Jaham AL KUWARI came in second scoring a time off 56.75 riding CALYDOR. While Saif Mohammed AL NAIMI finished at a close third at 56.36 on SIDNEY. All riders scored zero faults in this round.

Next, it was the Medium Tour of 120/130 cm, a Table A, One round against the clock with jump-off that featured competition of teams and individuals.

Team competitions saw ‘Al Fardan’ winning in first place, scoring a total of 138.62 seconds and a jump-off time of 32.91. The ‘Ajwad’ team came in second scoring a close 138.50 seconds and a jump-off time of 34.67. Both Al Fardan and Ajwad Team had zero faults. Third place went to the 'ExxonMobile' team, who scored 137.07 with 4 faults.

With Individual competitions, Mohammed Saeed HAIDAN rode D SAUCEDO to victory in just 69.32 seconds with a jump-off time of 32.05. Cyrine CHERIF finished second, with a time of 67.70 sec on Brennus VILLELONGUE and a jump-off time of 34.67, while Khalid Sanad AL NUAIMI claimed the third spot at 70.88 sec on GOP STOP, with a jump-off time of 37.43 seconds. All riders had zero faults during this competition.

The second day saw Open Class category with Table A, Two phases of 115/120 cm. On JUMBO, Mohammed Khalifa ALBAKER won in first place with a time of 57.94 seconds. Hussain Saeed HAIDAN came in second at 56.51 seconds, on VIAHIPI D'AUZAY, while Ghanim Nasser AL QADI took the third spot at 59.54 seconds. All riders finished off with zero faults.

The day ended with the Big Tour category with Table A, one round against the clock at 130/140 cm. Riding VERONA, Mohammed Khalifa ALBAKER claimed victory twice in the top 3 spots with 0 faults finishing off at a time of 65.25 in the first place and 63.94 at third with 4 faults, while Shk. Khalifa AL THANI came in second on SERENDIPITY with a time of 68.28 seconds with zero faults.

Hathab is the 6th edition of the Qatar Equestrian Tour that is organized and hosted jointly by QEF and Al Shaqab and features a series of 14 individual and team competitions taking place between September 2022 to April 2023. 

Longines, ExxonMobil, and Salam International are the main partners of the tour that is supported by The Social and Sport Contribution Fund "Daam".


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